Sunday, January 24, 2010

I, The Jury 1953 Or 1982 Rapidshare When Did Professional Jury Selection Start As A Career?

When did professional jury selection start as a career? - i, the jury 1953 or 1982 rapidshare

Lawyers have always done it the selection of the jury itself, and even today.

However, most of the leading advocates of competition from the professional jury consultants in this sensitive part of the process to help.

What are the roots of this career?

If it become very popular, that someone is a professional jury selection?


  1. Let's be very clear here: The juries are with the consent of the prosecutor and the defense elected in a process called "voir dire.

    All potential jurors are by names of random people in the courts, since they all have a license or any other group of persons to be identified.

    Lawyers, lawyers, though not publicly, especially in major criminal cases, saw the advantage that the jurors that a profile of "identify safe" about the guilt or otherwise from its customer (s).

    So, to determine more precisely the ideal of the jury, defense lawyers have recently contacted the consultants found that the greatest sympathy for the people turned on by a lawyer.

    For example, in the murder trial of OJ Simpson's defense would not be a person who was the father of a girl murdered by a jealous husband or abuse consultant, sat on the board, right?

    Jury consultants have usually some experiencethe legal system and training in psychology.

    "The model-simulated study" or, in the defense attorney'soffices conducted to raise the profile, that the WHO advice should be rejected during the voir dire portion of the actual test.

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