Friday, January 15, 2010

Yorkshire Terrier Torrent Dog Diorea Help! My Little Yorkshire Terrier Has Got Very Bad Diorea Are There Any Home Remedies That I Could?

Dog Diorea Help! my little Yorkshire terrier has got very bad diorea are there any home remedies that i could? - yorkshire terrier torrent

My Yorkshire Terrier Dior too hard, there are home remedies that could give them? Can I Amodium? It does not say anything bad.

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    I have seven dogs at one time or another we are all upset stomach. That's what my vet told me to do. Make some rice, a few minutes the rice is very good to cook the chicken and let cool and mix with rice, just for flavor. Feed her this for a few days. If your stomach does not improve and even vomit, have to bring him to the vet .. Make sure you are not dehydrated. To check this, pull the skin upward. If she goes back immediately, that's fine. If the skin is maintained for one minute, then falls, it is dehydrated and needs to see an immediate veterinarian. Good luck
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