Monday, January 25, 2010

Index.of Jpg Public Physics Dispersion Of Light?

Physics Dispersion of Light? - index.of jpg public

I just need some verification or link for further studies to address these problems.
See picture here:

1. The graph of the wavelength compared to the refractive index shows that the distribution of 1, the index of refraction:
A. is greater for wavelengths.
Example, is lower for longer wavelengths.
C is exactly equal to 1 for all wavelengths.
D. The refractive index is a nonlinear function of the wavelength

My answer is: "Is that right?

2. If the spread is wider:

A. The refractive index with wavelength is smaller.
As refractive index with wavelength is bigger.
C. Refractive index changes in the wavelength.
D. refractive index is proportional to the inverse square of the wavelength.

My answer is B, is that right?

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  1. 1. B
    Imagine a wavelength of 4500 = A, n ~ 1.4
    A = wavelength of 7000 A, N ~ 1

    2. B - You're right