Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lists Of Cheap Bearded Dragons For Salein Qld Where Can I Buy Like 1- 10 Acres Of Land In The US For VERY Cheap? Is There A Website That Lists Land?

Where can I buy like 1- 10 acres of land in the US for VERY cheap? is there a website that lists land? - lists of cheap bearded dragons for salein qld

I am looking for a couple of hectares (or one) of land in the United States, which is very cheap. Preferably in the country, not to residential areas. Is there a website that lists land or land cheap or what?


  1. I Buy And Sell HousesJanuary 30, 2010 at 6:44 PM

    There are to many cheap land. I do not agree with the broker in CA to accept (call me in the VA), I think you miss the point of your question. However, I agree that the land for that is what sells it. Thus, it is difficult to find values very pleasant. (It is difficult but not impossible).

    But the cheap land often have something "wrong" with him. It may not have access to a nearby road. Perhaps there is no electricity available. Perhaps the earth does not perc. Perhaps part of the country is located in a flood zone. Perhaps the regions, enhancing its value.

    In general, negative answers when people ask, "executions taxes." I note that is cheaper during the sale of the property may not be worth ... for the same reasons I listed above. However, if you are looking for "cheap" rather than "value" no doubt, tax executions.

    In addition, each broker can help. It's pretty easy to look for a broker (at least in their geographical area)cheap land. We must bear in mind the difference between price and value.

    I hope that helps.

  2. If you have a package that's very cheap to find "what do you think that no one be found?
    If the economy is good, it would have been sold.

    Remember: The price of a property is only what you can offer the buyer. If the price is too high, nobody wants to buy. If the price is too low, it would already be sold. Probably the owner carried a study and ask for prices comparable to market rate property. Why should sell below market price? The few exceptions are when the owner is desperate to sell a variety of reasons.

  3. Warning! The land is very cheap can be locked () no access to legal ownership, or have other problems (no water, no way to make a profit - the list is endless). What is the Earth? Who determines whether certain parameters that are to be searched.

    It is the property tax. That the earth is a crocodile in your pocket, unless you are, or want to find a way to make money will be used.

    Stores often land. A good place to study and learning begin.

    BTW, the cheap land in Deming, NM. These plots were still not selling in the market for at least 30 years and. No water. Take this as a lesson to do your homework first.

  4. Go to and ask for advanced search options. Just click on "lands and farms." Start the country, in areas without dense population, such as North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana. After moving to Texas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama and Arkansas.
    Keep a map of the United States with you on a selection of cities and municipalities outside the urban development.

  5. I found this site very good for the rural property