Saturday, January 16, 2010

Point And Shoot Shutter Speed For A Point And Shoot Camera What Would The Shutter And Aperture Speed Be.?

For a point and shoot camera what would the shutter and aperture speed be.? - point and shoot shutter speed

Would a fixed or variable.


  1. The most likely cause is variable. depending on the lighting when taking photo .. Some digital cameras for recording, you can see the picture and press a button to see what the camera itself set.
    Some photo applications, including the kind that comes with the camera, are the properties of image information.

  2. For most of the P & S cameras small and not manual gain control, and you do not get the values of aperture priority, or control of the shutter speed independently.

    But many of them no longer "hidden" - they are called shooting modes.
    For example, the Portrait mode uses a more open environment (the attempt to delete the background a little) to landscape mode, consumes less open to give the maximum depth of field. Sport mode is of faster shutter speeds, focusing, etc.

    All this sounds good and easy for beginners, but if you more about him, very quickly you begin looking for more control.

    High-end P & S is the perfect compromise for many people like them more control.