Saturday, February 13, 2010

Keys For A Nissan Roofrack Does Smart Keys For Nissan Altima Are Rechargeble?

Does Smart keys for Nissan Altima are rechargeble? - keys for a nissan roofrack

The smart key for my 2008 Nissan Altima seems to be becoming tired. I put the key into the slot in which they told me to be recharged, but I did this for several hours and the battery indicator still shows.
Any idea?


  1. Not that the slot to start the car when the remote battery is empty. Slot override the I-Key. Trousseau is carefully separated from the end, where the crack. Small Straight screwdriver in a notch and carefully separate the two drugs or a C-225 C-325 and a battery of blood platelets at Wal-Mart and RadioShack dealer cheaper than even Home Depot .. It may take some time for the battery indicator to show a further strong signal of the battery. Nissan gives a mechanical key in the car and the slot, start the vehicle in an emergency. It is time for the remote control (s) battery and memory card in the number of cars to replace, should not be affected. Pay attention only to what is in the new battery is the same as the old battery. Snanew P, the two means to an end, the first Nissan emblem. Good Luck

  2. If a battery in a discharged state for too long become useless.
    Get a new battery to keep and load again this time.