Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nanospeed 9900 Real Nanospeed 9000 , 9900, Or Arc Saber 10?

Nanospeed 9000 , 9900, or Arc saber 10? - nanospeed 9900 real

I am an intermediate player, with great difficulty deciding to get something to badminton racquet to. I am looking for a racket is not too light and not too heavy. I want something fast and good for squash. Should I Nanospeed 9000, Nanospeed 9900, or the arc saber 10?

which is heavier? 2U or 3U? : D
Thank you!

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  1. Because you are not too heavy or light, I propose that ArcSaber, because they are more than offensive Nanospeed. Nanospeed are usually the lightest snowshoes, offers extra protection and ease of control. Arcsabers offer some defense and control of power.

    As for the 2U and 3U questions do not hesitate to know exactly, but I think that is the 3U harder because it is a higher number. :]

    Hope this helps!