Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wedding Program Wording In Spanish What Should My Wedding Programs Look Like?

What should my wedding programs look like? - wedding program wording in spanish

I am a Hispanic girl, and my friend is half white and half spanish. More than half of his family did not speak Spanish, said during more than half of my family, a word of English! We decided that our wedding should be bilingual. I am of Mexican descent, and many rituals we practice in our celebration of Catholic marriage, outside of a regular Catholic wedding ceremony. In addition, a reading in English, while others are in Spanish. To make things less confusing for our clients and families, we want to include English and Spanish translations of all the readings and rituals of our wedding programs. We discuss whether we are two different programs, one in English and Spanish, or should have, if we HAVand a bilingual program, or worrying about whether readings and explanations of the rituals at all. NEED HELP thank you! In advance for the answers!


  1. I am a graphic designer so it from a standpoint of design.

    You can do this in 2 ways.

    1. Do 2 separate programs, one in English and Spanish, have the same design, of course, this language has changed in him.

    2. You can put the English side on one half and Spanish, on the other hand, if they (too big and needs a whole page to both sides) put a divider in the program, it opens as a map, you must look at the program and the English, let alone that covers both the front and sides, but the page turn like a book and show the Spaniards.

    Get a designer who knows what he / she is doing, and able, a beautiful design for just what you need. EitherAnother option would be good, I just want to bilingual design, because it is profitable, instead of printing wedding programs can be expensive.

  2. I do not want 2 separate programs, the ushers will be confused trying to remember who gets what programming language. You will have bilingual programs. Otherwise, get what you want when you think they are not a lot of readings and rituals that interfere with your guests, so the explanation is certainly to be welcomed. You can also explain some of the key focus points during the ceremony - the priest alone, with explanations. I visited many Catholic marriages (with mass) and'm not Catholic, the priest, and often the purpose of the Community, or something else. I have noticed that the program will allow, if too long. Keep printed on one side of the front and back - if you have - try to keepPressure on the chest for now. I hope this helps a little! Do not try to insist on these things well, you drive yourself (and family), Batty, long before the wedding! Good luck and keep smiling!

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