Friday, February 5, 2010

Nipple Piercing Female Female Nipple Piercing? Yes Or No?

Female nipple piercing? yes or no? - nipple piercing female

I mean, but I fear that used to right or something goes wrong and my nipples are always strange to heal. If anyone has managed to do so, or if shots here please let me know your thoughts.


  1. If you want your nipples pierced, go ahead. Only a professional to do this, follow the instructions on aftercare, and ends with sexy pierced nipples completely normal.

    As for breastfeeding, I realized that some people comments that are made fully compatible. You can not eat while wearing jewelry.

  2. I pierced mine, and I'm a healer too shit when it comes to piercings .. They took more than a year to heal, but 98% are now healed! As someone said, really bad .. But that does not mean you go to hurt, my friend long time ago and said he was not really bad .. I'm almost convinced that the more pain you feel less tits lol .. Probably not true, but still ..

    You can do so only to get to as you want for a few months learning aftercare then decide if you still a pierced too .. I doubt you will see Rengo nipples, if you're smart about this, you can, if they start to migrate a lot, so no .. youll have poor healing, if you decide to withdraw themselves, even if the cure is very good, he is also just a small dot of a scar .. And they do not interfere with breastfeeding .. It's not like you only have 3 courses there .. They say its best to get her jewelry, while the reality of your child's diet in order not to accidentally swallow jewelry ..

    As nipple piercingsOr does not make a bitch or a whore .. A person can be a bitch, no piercing .. It is like saying that the wearing of underwear is sexy .. slut The only person who sees me, my friend, is 1.5 years, who was there when I do not .. I showed them all or to say any of them .. I am totally for me, because I love piercings and I love how they look .. So, if you want to go so that it pierced .. If you take care of their property, which is due very good!

  3. ♫Master Of PuppetsFebruary 6, 2010 at 1:59 AM

    Seriously, do not listen to these idiots here who are confused. If you do well on them and clean them regularly, then you are should have no problem. If you are the body, the choice, and you have personal reasons for her nipples are pierced. It should not be the decision of anyone but yourself and those you love. End of story.

  4. it hurts so bad when you bigger than the cup of CA.
    usually when they are smaller than DONT rub on your bra.
    My best friend accompanied me and made me his
    jumped up as her on one side, what do you have pierced, are straight and the other is dirty!

  5. Ouch! You're right, they can not heal right, if you are breast feeding, if you have a baby, can not work.

  6. There is a kind of peircing, and it would be uncomfortable if you wear your bra ...

  7. OMG, that sounds terrible! Get your nose pierced navel piercing or if you have something!

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