Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Neal De Vore Spanish Speaker I Need Help!! Easy Points?

Spanish speaker i need help!! easy points? - neal de vore

Hello everyone wondering if I could translate this short paragraph in Spanish for me! that would be great! And I promise you, this is no homework! It's a joke between me and my friend speaks Spanish and I think it would be fun to send your gift in Spanish =) thank you for your time.

One day he had a son, Neal, and a girl named Maria. After 3 years, were best friends. One day, Marie has moved to Puebla. Neal was very bad and cried all night. Neal noted that Mary had left behind her stuffed animals. Neal was 18 when he to Puebla, Mexico, in search of Mary. Once found, he said: "Maria and I think I love you left something," said Mary: "Oh, I missed Neal and I love you" Then to kiss and got married. THE END!

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