Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rich Women Humiliate Men Why Chris Farley Died?

Why Chris Farley Died? - rich women humiliate men

He said in an interview:

1. "I want a girlfriend, it would be good."
2. Chris would go to parties and pretend to be with beautiful women, then fall to the floor of a heart attack, women and Freak Out.
3. "I'm tired of the jolly fat man."
4. "I want to play a serious role.
5. Apparently Chris Farley was completely humiliated in Beverly Hills Ninja, went into depression.
6. No woman kissed Farley in each of his films.
7. No woman kissed all Farley SNL sketch.
8. "While all the fat makes its audience laugh, things are going well."
9. Chris Farley never been a successful relationship with a woman.
10. If rich and famous as he, and taking into account how bad things are other people rich and famous (Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump) no woman wanted him.
11. Chris Farley was found dead in his apartment in Chicago after an overdose of cocaine with a prostitute.


  1. Sad that his life ended on this note.

  2. I wonder why you made good? I met the most important festival of True Lies. "I was so on, it was obvious that he's in a kind of drug. But, as it was beautiful and the people around them, I have serious doubts about most of their hypothia. He was incredibly talented and wanted to emulate Belushi. I was very sad when I heard what had happened, but I can not say I was surprised.