Monday, February 15, 2010

Looking For Centerpieces Made With Feathers Are Feathers, Rather Than Flowers, A Weird Wedding Theme?

Are feathers, rather than flowers, a weird wedding theme? - looking for centerpieces made with feathers

The pens are cheaper and my friend has a smart friend, who look really good bunch of feathers. But suddenly, the springs and the springs for it. The centerpieces on the reception tables are vases with feathers in them.

Ok, what bothers me is that my friend is talking with male buttonholes for the gentlemen. This is the part that bothers me most, I suppose. Is it not strange for them, which takes a couple of peacock feathers in the smoking?

Freaking Only I do not know. I do not feel comfortable with him, but I do not know what to do, because we can not throw flowers on the lapel witnesses at the wedding, no other flowers.

I must honestlyOpinions, please.


  1. Well, it's different ... that's for sure. I do not want, good or bad is because I have not seen. I'm getting married in 10 days and go to the Nitty Gritty. So I have a lot of small details such as (which carry huge for us), no one speaks and thinks, "OMG is strange that" knows only that it is coordinated, and you look beautiful. I would say that if you are a friend and his best man, with it's ok, why not. As you said the flowers may seem strange, no other flowers. Another idea is to have no real buttonholes. You could make a bag slot in a color that matches your jackets, dresses for bridesmaids, or some of the colors of peacock feathers. Good luck and happy marriage!:)

  2. Well, I think that the feathers seem a little odd too to be honest.

    However, it does not matter if people think it is strange or not, but that means not feel comfortable with him. Many women believe that marriage, especially in the decoration, their business, not the groom. But they were horrified when I discovered that my friend was not happy or comfortable with, I chose what I did. He must let them know their friend, are not very happy with the springs and would like a few candles. You should be able to compromise and have an opinion.