Saturday, November 7, 2009

Boy Gives Wedgie To Girl Im A Boy And My Best Friend I Think Is Gay What Do You Think?

Im a boy and My best friend i think is gay what do you think? - boy gives wedgie to girl

He always wants to sleep and when he sleeps in his underpants and quote always play fights topless.He and wedgies.He also sits on my front and back floor.He pinning wonder if I like girls, but never speaks of them naked, however, often commenting on his clothing, and once said he made the girl look better.

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  1. I read nothing in your message that says nothing about homosexuality. But I read a lot about the lack of sophistication and perverted minds. Sleep because he loves the scholarship you are lucky, because not everyone loves you. Most people sleep in their boxers or less. The play fights with her men, but a coward. Do you have to fight amateur or pro? Check out the Olympics. Finally, it may be more of a gentleman who ludely talking about women or sexual maylbe is too complicated to talk about his shots away.

    Looks like you are the deviant, or at least immature. Relax your friend.