Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Miami Cruising Spots Which Is An Ideal Vacation Destination?

Which is an ideal Vacation Destination? - miami cruising spots

Okay, here's the setup:
I am 25 years old, no children or other significant humiliation, tie, and I have time for the holidays and then June 7 to 17 years (when required shall be 17).
I live in Louisiana, and I hate Heat *, so I prefer not to vacation in a warm place, on the contrary, * I * cold. So please no suggestions of a cruise from Miami or not - what I want.
Seriosuly I plan to keep New York to work with a friend, and New York to visit during this time - I've never been.
But - I am not decided in New York. Across the South * not * United States would be willing to consider, but please remember, price or activities for dates and times.
I am looking for advice on what to know before booking a trip / stay arrangements. Thank you!

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