Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pictures Of A Dirtbike Cake How Fast Is A 50cc Kick Start Dirtbike?

How fast is a 50cc kick start dirtbike? - pictures of a dirtbike cake

This is the answer to a specific
This is a small engine 50cc runner playground here is a picture, and you can tell me whether it was a race 2
Or tell me what a stroke
thanks = ...


  1. I think it is a 4-stroke engine to 50 km / h top speed or run 35 mph

    Stroke is a type of 2 times larger that (used in most small scooters and Dirt Bike Dirt) and 4-stroke (in cars and off-road motorcycle or ATV use)
    2-stroke engines require mixing gas and oil.
    4-stroke engine requires no mixing of gas and oil, you can use regular gasoline, but less effective than 2-stroke, as in turn 4 to a 2-time and take 2 hits to strike a twist
    But more than 4 times longer than the 2-motion 2-sine-stroke engine work a lot more than the 4-stroke engine

    Even if you do not know where to find the type of oil with the gas mix, do not start the race 2
    for 4-stroke engine is easier to use, just add gas and have fun
    I hope you explain it very well ^. ^