Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Enlarged Liver More Condition_symptoms What Causes An Enlarged Liver And Splean?

What causes an enlarged liver and splean? - enlarged liver more condition_symptoms

My doctor says I have an enlarged liver and spleen, but only a small area and do not worry. My question is, what causes it?


  1. There are some conditions that cause so many things, but in order to establish a cause of information on all the other symptoms you are experiencing. I suggest you ask your doctor that you get more information about what you give here.

  2. If the liver is inflamed, as if it were a viral infection (including hepatitis C), the liver after a time drawn. If the scarring becomes severe, it can not cleanse the blood flow through the liver, and again this is the spleen, thereby increasing the spleen.
    You need to know why these institutions have increased, there are other serious complications, what is behind. To get tested for hepatitis C. Many people with this disease, and I do not know, because there are few or no symptoms. People may take years or even decades, without knowing they have, but each time the virus damages the liver. Ask your doctor) for a study of hepatitis (hepatitis A, B and C. Set to leave not only the results of liver enzymes on a routine blood test, because 40% of people with hepatitis C values of liver enzymes within normal limits. Ask your doctor test for antibodies to hepatitis A, B, C. Best wishes.