Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Multiple Sclerosis More Condition_symptoms My Mom Has Severe Multiple Sclerosis And Now Flu, How Much More Seriously Should I Take Her Flue Than Normal?

My mom has severe multiple sclerosis and now flu, how much more seriously should i take her flue than normal? - multiple sclerosis more condition_symptoms

I call the doctor in the morning, but I wonder what should I do now? We have been to reduce the fever, but I am concerned. My father said that we will see how to know in the morning, but that your immune system is weaker than normal, and I am concerned. Tips for you today?


  1. Also note that the fever can cause pseudo flair in MS patients. The symptoms of MS, especially the fatigue and weakness may increase, but decreases when the fever breaks. Personally, overheating with hot showers and work and exercise does not bother me, but every little fever clears me.

  2. You do not know if you think your breathing is not affected by the Member States and can also go through the cold, you have to be affected monitor.

    I do not know much about MS, but I would try to work NHS Direct if you are in Britain or) the GP of hours of service to the local operations (usually this number on the Ansaphone. Then you can say to call the GP of the situation and decide it whether to call it or leave it until tomorrow morning. Or you can call the local hospital and ask to be provided by the Neurology / Neurologist or have completed neurological care to the Council is working - especially if your mother see a specialist in general hospital, while you can help. MS support groups or help desk.

    Good luck and take done well to care for his mother, it must be difficult to

  3. I have MS. I only know that if I cause the flu, colds, a sore throat, always an epidemic.