Saturday, November 7, 2009

Largest White Shark Should Mankind Begin To Do More Hunting Of Great White Sharks And Large Flocks Of Geese?

Should Mankind begin to do more hunting of Great White Sharks and large flocks of geese? - largest white shark

What could be the real benefits?

Answer interesting or realistic BA gaining fast! Gracias for your time!

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  1. No sharks are a natural means of preserving the balance in the oceans. We have overfished populations, as some of them are endangered species on the list. We invade a territory, not vice versa.

    With regard to the geese and other birds, there is nothing in what you do today to keep them away from the track at the airports. We can not for the abolition of the species for our convenience. All species have a right to exist, as they have been here for the purposes of God.