Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pictures Of Chicken Pox Is This Chicken Pox Or An Allergic Reaction? (pictures Included)?

Is this chicken pox or an allergic reaction? (pictures included)? - pictures of chicken pox

How long will this nightmare is over? I havent slept! The itch is unbearable, my throat like hell, especially when I am hurt to swallow his saliva, my doctor told me I was covered with sores, my lips are Busted! They look so ugly, what was obvious, and are white, my mouth is full of wounds, as well! I already went to the doctor, but I feel like hell, even went to two doctors and was told it was just an allergic reaction, and another told me it was a combination of the allergic reaction and chicken pox, what is it? And how long it even more? It started yesterday! Thank you for your help, what can I do to itch?

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