Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hemorrhoids From Brazilian Waxing Personal Question On Brazilian Waxing?

Personal Question on Brazilian Waxing? - hemorrhoids from brazilian waxing


I went for two Brazilian waxing. On both occasions, with other therapists.

With the therapist's first meeting went well and I felt good in.

In my second session, the therapist says and I hemorrohoids seems to indicate that I have a problem. I know you have this condition, but does not bother me, and my doctor told me to "leave" because it does not bother me. So I have no medical reason to treat "them.

My question is, you have hemorrhoids affect the ability of a person who is a Brazilian wax?

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  1. I think it could be understood if the growth around the anus, as it sometimes does not. (Wax ie, Hollywood)
    But they can not from this area alone, and not the rest of the growth.