Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peteen Does Anyone Have Any Tips On Peteen Dieting Like Trying To Lose 30 Ibs!!?

Does anyone have any tips on peteen dieting like trying to lose 30 ibs!!? - peteen

I am 11 years old and over weight and 5 meters high.


  1. Do not do this that I know how difficult it is to overweight've were overweight most of my youth, my car, but give your body a brake to know the real you have now is your time and structural change, If you do not want that losing weight is not healthy if they do so slowly lifestyle you are suffering from excess skin and believe me, it's worse than seeing a wide hips or whatever, my advice to you, They speak with Somone go, or how I did it, I started reducing the amount of sugar should I eat dessert all day everyday Insted, then j I began to try to not just before bedtime after taking the deserts aweek and IM eating sugar has an extra day, I went for 15 minutes per day and increased by 5 minutes per week, then have half two ET Lossing 45 pounds in 6 months and 3 years from the date and now I have a total of 103 pounds, which I do not more, all sugar and white bread, junk food and lost I do not need a snack of fruit and drinking water at importntly lose at least 8 glasses a day, you will help you fully and weightt, good luck

  2. You could do tons of squats and eating healthier foods and exercise

    PS-My name is Taylor and I'm 11 and I am 5 feet !!!!! What is remarkable

  3. "Diet" is bad. Change your diet is a change of lifestyle. Do not try to remove you, up to 30 pounds. out. To a healthy way to take some time. Ask your parents to help you find books about healthy diets and lifestyles. What really needs to eat healthily and stay active.

    Good luck!