Saturday, November 7, 2009

Glucosamine More Drug_side_effects Do You Really Think Oral Glucosamine And HA Supplements Work,or Are We Just Throwing Our Money Down The Drain?

Do you really think oral Glucosamine and HA supplements work,or are we just throwing our money down the drain? - glucosamine more drug_side_effects

The markets are bombarded with all sorts of claims, if you ask most veterans say that there is sufficient evidence that these companies not through the FDA approval for its products go substainuate claims. Do you think that companies make, that these supplements glucosamine and hyaluronic acid only consumer fears and hopes of redemption, that "if the price is low enough to buy more people, and take everything on a horse is better than nothing"?

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  1. I use my mare Chondroflex for 33 years and probably made a big difference in their mobility and their temperament, because it feels better. I know, that the FDA does not regulate "neutraceuticles" to a brand known and remain Cosequin Chondroflex