Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Vitiligo More Condition_symptoms Will More Exposure To The Sun Treat My Vitiligo?

Will more exposure to the sun treat my vitiligo? - vitiligo more condition_symptoms

I have vitiligo since I was small, and it's really embarrassing for me.

This increased exposure to sunlight and UV rays to disappear? Please someone help: (
Any response appreciated

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  1. herabilist many people say they can "cure" for vitiligo, and many of these treatments suggest that exposure to sunlight. Personally, after researching this, I think it's a good idea. Vitiligo is, they lose their pigmentation, which means they are more susceptible to the harmful effects of sunlight. Be careful, because you do not want to cause harm to themselves the sun, or burns.
    Go visit your doctor and see if I can do something about it. There are a number of design options, and I even believe that the correction laser available
    Good luck xx