Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tech Decking Games Online When Is The Exact Date Tech Deck Comes Out?

When is the exact date Tech Deck comes out? - tech decking games online

EXACT DATE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Going Crazy SICKO precisely at this time? -? -08 What you need to know now now now. IVE WAITING for about 3 or two months line skate park, if the U so awesome online search TECH DECK SKATEBOARD LIVE DO COM PRONTO just say I want more information about IT TECH CHED LIVE: O: (TECH DECK LIVE. COM

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  1. (Published 4/18/2008)

    By Josh Rabinowitz for

    According to a press release from Spin Master Studios, "Tech Deck * Live" online virtual world this summer. Based on the touch Tech Deck line, the site is programmed so that players are practically free skate online against thousands of other players. The site is expected to use standard Web browser to an "immersive 3D gaming experience" in the form of a series of large and extended skateparks *. offer

    "We are excited about combining the authenticity and fun of Tech Deck with the immersiveness of virtual worlds and offers a unique online experience for children," said John Reale, Vice President of Spin Master Studios.

    Apparently Tech Deck Live subscribers will be free for basic use, but a month can access "premium content", as their own virtual space.

    Spin Master parent company was established in 1994 * and designs, develops, manufactures, markets and established products and entertainment for childrenworldwide.

    Search this site for more information on Tech Deck Live Massively Multiplayer Online ... *

    In addition, "to Go, then click News. You get all the members of the community to find and discuss the date on the release! Say (All * SOON! *)