Thursday, November 5, 2009

Naturist Video Are Naturist Videos Of Children Illegal In The Uk?

Are naturist videos of children illegal in the uk? - naturist video

British law is not a fire / movie for a child under 18 May as "indecent".
There is no formal definition of indecency and east to the jury when she came to court to determine whether a film or photograph indecent.

If the movie is in the context of "good", then it is unlikely that an illegal, that is, if it is a movie in a nudist camp that all the participants, etc. containing

Very gray area in UK law.


  1. no. provided that the images can not be in an inappropriate or sexual, are then displayed, the children appear naked in a movie. Some actors appear naked children

  2. Well, not if they should be. No one should have an interest, in view of naked children. I tell anyone, not try to do something.

  3. It would be the idea that illegal everywhere.

    Why has the interest in this matter?

  4. I hope so. If the family wants this kind of life, okay. But keep it secret.