Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Foot Spurs More Condition_symptoms My Father Is Suffering From Calcaneal Spur +(right Foot) Can You Suggest A Good Treatment To Be Undertaken?

My father is suffering from calcaneal spur +(right foot) can you suggest a good treatment to be undertaken? - foot spurs more condition_symptoms

Hello ppl .. My father does not have a heel spur + in the legs, which is near the bottom of the page view can really walk anyone recommend a visit to a doctor in Chennai, India () or any other means .. please!

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  1. Check to see if they offer a specialist podiatrist mentioned that his country could be in a position to further investigate this issue. A Podiatrist is a physician who diagnoses and treats foot problems, leg and ankle. One of the things you can do is recommend a particular type of what is going on-call orthopedic shoes or something similar, if available in your country.

    In addition, reflexology (a type of massage can with both hands and feet will be performed) might be a possibility.

    Also, try ayerveda Control (sp? Forgive me if I do not see coming from this right, as I am from the United States) experts, what other suggestions they had.