Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frequent Cluster Headaches More Condition_symptoms Headaches And Short Term Memory Loss?

Headaches and short term memory loss? - frequent cluster headaches more condition_symptoms

last year was as suffering from cluster headache, just before my insurance expired and I've never been a real neurologist diagnosed (diagnosed by my doctor). A scan was done everything looks good. Since then, my headaches have improved and become more frequent. A sometimes stopping for several days in a row without saving. Now I find myself in this terrible loss of short-term memory. I do not remember everything that was said two minutes ago, but tomorrow I will be the exact words (or actions, etc.. Hat) remembering somebody an idea what might that be? Is it urgent?

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  1. You should consult a doctor, it is possible that an underlying disease. There are treatments for cluster headache. which is the inhalation of pure oxygen, is used to relieve pain almost instantly.
    Memory loss is a concern, and I see all kinds of complaints to the sites in cluster headache.